Executive EZ Dashboard™ ... Information As It Happens!

Outsourced Manufacturing Can Be Difficult!
Outsourcing to contract manufacturers makes sense when clients determine that electronics manufacturing is not their "distinctive competence". However, contract manufacturing can be difficult, frustrating, and expensive. Day to day communications can be spotty. Slow reaction time, poor quality, and missed shipments can result.

Because the manufacturing process for complex electronics is complicated, it's important to know exactly what's going on at all times. Anticipating problems before they happen is key. How can companies control their contract manufacturers from a distance? What manufacturing test infrastructure is required?

Anagon's Executive EZ Dashboard™ Changes Everything!
Imagine a large screen display on your manufacturing conference room wall running Anagon's Executive EZ Dashboard™. This application provides an active "window" into each of your manufacturing sites around the world. All of your different product types can be tracked and graphed in real time without leaving the building!

Each main cell in the table displays important statistics about a particular product type at one location:

  • How many are presently in process?
  • On average, how long does it take to move a unit through the floor?
  • What's the first pass yield?
  • Are shipments on plan?
  • When's the last time anyone tested a product?
  • When's the last time we communicated with the floor?
Totals are provided in the far right column and bottom row. As manufacturing events, tests, and measurements occur on the different floors around the world, resulting statistics are immediately updated on the board. Thus you can understand your total operational picture in a single glance. You can stay informed, 24/7!

Just One Click Takes You From The Dashboard To Any Floor, Instantly!
Interested in floor details? No problem! Every cell of Executive EZ Dashboard™ represents real product units on an actual floor! Simply click on a cell and our AFloorViewer™ application shows you real time, floor details.

In this example, the client has seven OC3 cards in process on the BetaTech floor in Malaysia. Each unit is identified by its serial number (UUTID) and can be located at various steps in the process. Thus you can track your products, individually and collectively, as they progress.

One More Click Gets You The Entire Measurement History Of Any Unit!
Interested in the complete, detailed, manufacturing history of a particular unit? No problem! Every manufacturing event, step, and measurement is recorded in the Anagon databases. You can access it instantly without leaving the conference room!

In this example, the client has shipped 115 OC3 cards from the BetaTech floor in Malaysia. Simply click on any unit serial number (UUTID) to display its entire manufacturing, measurement history via Our ATraveler™.

To Find Out More ...
As manufacturing events occur, Executive EZ Dashboard™ recalculates resulting statistics and automatically delivers this information from remote floors directly to you, 24/7. With just two clicks, you can go from complete worldwide operations to one unit's measurements! For more information about Executive EZ Dashboard™, we invite you to download a presentation in Adobe PDF®