Anagon PDF Presentations

Below we have posted some of our most popular and informative PowerPoint presentations. These are in PDF format and may be viewed directly or saved to your computer and viewed later.

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Capital Investors, Protect Your Portfolios Now!

3 Slides (1.6 MB) ... Quick, to-the-point message for Capital Investors with high technology companies in their portfolios.

Important Message For The CEO

6 Slides (2.7 MB) ... Compelling strategic message for CEO's. Don't outsource your Quality! Invest in manufacturing infrastructure and 24/7 test information delivery. Anagon can help!

All About Anagon

64 Slides (10.0 MB) ... In depth presentation, usually delivered to the CEO and executive staff, that introduces Anagon, frames three important strategic issues, and details how Anagon's expertise helps companies address them. Much of this website's content is covered, including details of our services and intellectual properties.

ATest™ Details

8 Slides (1.9 MB) ... Automatic Test on the manufacturing floor: our approach, our services, and the automatic test software environment that is powerful, practical, and easy to use.

AMacss™ Details

7 Slides (1.1 MB) ... No more shipping products without passing every test at every process step! Our AMacss™ test stations enforce real time automated routing on the manufacturing floor.

Anagon EZ Dashboard™ Details

13 Slides (2.2 MB) ... Monitor your worldwide operations 24/7 without leaving your office. Executive EZ Dashboard™ will change the way you do business with contract manufacturers.

Anagon Database Details

5 Slides (0.5 MB) ... Anagon databases, based on years of practical experience, model your manufacturing floor and organize all manufacturing test data. It's industrial strength, scaled for the enterprise, IT friendly, and state-of-the-art!